The Best Ways to Travel to Udhailiyah

Shaikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE



The name of the city of Udhailiyah is very significant. It is situated at the very end of Persian Gulf and shares its border with UAE. This city was the capital of Nasrawan in early era. It had been a prominent destination for traders as well as for those who wanted to settle here.


Today, Udhailiyah enjoys immense tourist presence due to its lovely beaches, nice monuments and many places of interest. Those planning to travel to this place should also take care of few important things. This is the only beach capital of Asia and the cheapest too. There are various kinds of hotels in Udhailiyah ranging from budgeted ones to five stars. There are also options for self catering apartments.


There are various types of restaurants in Udhailiyah. They serve continental and international cuisines. You can also have continental Indian and Chinese cuisines. As far as drinking and dining is concerned, you will find excellent quality bars and pubs available in Udhailiyah. However, they are not very big in size. Therefore, if you plan to have a party or want to enjoy a night, then you need to book a big pub or restaurant beforehand.


If you travel to Udhailiyah, then the next stop would be Al-Hoabiyeh. This is a beautiful desert city and home to hundreds of thousands of Sunnis. People from all over the country come to Al-Hoabiyeh to enjoy their traditional caravan culture. In fact, this is also the main spot for daily caravan trade in the region.


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If you don’t like deserts and don’t like spending much time in Al-Hoabiyeh, there is another choice for you called Asal al-Gabel. This place is famous for its historic ruins and its colourful, modern lifestyle. It is a wonderful city for any type of traveler. If you travel to Udhailiyah and Asal al-Gabel, then you have to take a train from the city center. Otherwise, you can also take a taxi from your hotel to this place.


If you are wondering how to reach Udhailiyah, then you should also know that there is a bus service to take you to the capital, Mansoura. On the other hand, a rented car can help you reach Udhailiyah. However, the best and fastest way to reach Udhailiyah is through a rented camel. A good camel travel company will help you find the best rental camel in Udhailiyah at reasonable rates.