Plan Your Trip to Xylofagou

Trip to Xylofagou

Plan Your Trip to Xylofagou

The town of Xylofagou is a quaint little fishing village on the eastern coast of Cyprus. It is also where you will find the ruins of an old Roman military camp, which date back to the second century AD. This picturesque and historic place are sure to be a delightful stop off on any holiday to this part of Cyprus. Many visitors come here just to enjoy the pleasant rustic surroundings and the refreshingly cool sea breezes on their way to discovering the attractions of the rest of Cyprus.

The most popular activities in this region are fishing and boating, which provide many interesting and enjoyable opportunities for a day out. There are many small fishing settlements throughout the area, which provide the tourists with a variety of different species of fish. For people who like a bit more excitement there are two small beach clubs that offer a number of water sports, from jet skiing and wakeboarding to parasailing and windsurfing. Many of these beach clubs offer activities for all ages and skill levels, and there are plenty of facilities available for rent. As well as enjoying yourself, you can also visit the nearby Larnaca port, which offers some good night life and shopping. If you are looking for a great day out, Larnaca is a must.

For those travelling from Northern Ireland, the scenery is as picturesque as it is diverse. Loughinisland provides some great hiking paths and is a great destination for families. There are many different types of scenery to choose from, including coastal erosion and mountains with wild flowers covering the area. Another great attraction is the Ring of Kerry, which was created by the Romans and still holds many archaeological sites. This is another great location for a holiday trip, especially if you love looking at ancient monuments.

As with many of the towns in Cyprus, the food in Xylofagou is renowned. There are over forty restaurants in all, which offer a wide variety of different foods for all tastes. Some of the more traditional dishes are served in the town’s traditional barbecues. Many people believe that this is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Cyprus. Others come here for a bite to eat and a drink, while others like to sample the local wines. Of course, all the great food cannot be seen without a great dessert and in the town there are over sixty restaurants that offer an array of different desserts.

If you have never been on a private vacation before, it is a good idea to take the advice of a local travel agent. These can offer great advice and help you plan your trip to Xylofagou to the best extent possible. They will also be familiar with the local places of interest and guide you to them. A good travel agent will be able to find you accommodations that suit your budget as well as provide you with recommendations for things to do and places to see.

When planning your trip, it will be worthwhile to spend time looking at the Cypriot currency. This is an easy task as there are many different online sites where you can find up to date information about the value of the euro and the US dollar. It is important to note that these figures are for the entire country and so, depending on how much you are planning to spend and how many currencies you want to carry around, it may be worth shopping around for a few different exchange rates to ensure that you are getting the best deal. You can print out copies of these documents to take with you on holiday or give them to your local travel agent.