Plan Your Trip to Xylofagou

Plan Your Trip to Xylofagou The town of Xylofagou is a quaint little fishing village on the eastern coast of Cyprus. It is also where you will find the ruins of an old Roman military camp, which date back to the second century AD. This picturesque and historic place are sure to be a delightful […]

Planning A Trip To Nata

Planning A Trip To Nata Cyprus has always been a popular place for holidays because of the warm and welcoming climate, making it an ideal destination for a Trip to Nata. The capital city of Nicosia is a great base from where one can travel throughout Cyprus and the rest of the islands. Here are […]

Kakopetra: A Natural Wonder

Kakopetra: A Natural Wonder Cyprus is a country in southern Europe bordered by Turkey on one side, Iran on the other and Greece on the northern coast. On its eastern border, it shares an armistice with the country of Turkey. It is divided into three regions – Northern, Southern and Western. There are several ways […]

Trip to Prelogue – Serene City

Trip to Prelogue is the name of a small town situated in the municipality of Sijtovi in the district of Croatian Croatia. The name is based on the fact that this town is only one square kilometer in size and has about two hundred and forty thousand residents. It is the second largest city of […]