Two- Week Trek Across Namanga River From Cape Town

Namanga is a quaint town in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. It is situated on the Kenya-Uganda border, where it shares a close point with the Indian Ocean coast. This is a town which is considered by many, to be the perfect place for a Kenya safari and the perfect place to plan your first beach holiday in Africa. It is also the gateway to the Great Rift Valley which is an area of steep cliffs and stunning mountain peaks, ideal for those who love trekking and deep forests. The view from your hotel at the edge of the Namanga River valley is magnificent. It’s a beautiful scene with water lapping on white sandy beaches and black volcanic sand dunes covered with plants.

Trip to Namanga

If you have decided to take a trip to Namanga to explore this unique and exotic landscape, you will find many lodges dotted along the banks of the namanga River, offering a variety of accommodation. There are basic two and three star hotels with private pools and bathrooms but there are also good lodges that are part of an organized tour and can provide more comfort. These include lodges and tours that have their own transport, pick up and drop off points, restaurants, shops and guest houses. Many tourists choose to rent vehicles to see the sights and drive themselves around the countryside as well. Some tourists also prefer to stay in a resort while on their tour and still remain in touch with their family and friends back home.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your namanga road trip is to get a hold of a naming guide. These guides have been well trained in how to navigate the terrain and forest and know how to lead others safely through the terrain. In addition, they can help prepare meals, set up a camp or show visitors various landmarks. They are especially helpful when considering the route for the best route for a trek or an easier way to reach a certain place.

Another way to enjoy your road trip is to join a young woman’s trek. Young women often like to take trekking trips to Namanga with their middle-aged or young woman partners. A middle-aged man can take a younger woman along with him by offering to cover her expenses while she carries out most of the work, such as collecting water and using the bathroom at each location she visits. The benefit is a longer road trip for both men and women, and better views along the way.

Another trip popular with the middle-aged man who is staying in Namanga as a couple is a stay in a Namanga boutique lodge. Here, the young woman and the older man can enjoy lunch and a comfortable evening in front of the fire. They may choose to stay at a resort in the border town of Namanga or stay at their own accommodation outside of the town. The couple may enjoy plantains, charcoal, coffee, and tea during their stay at the boutique lodge. The plantains are cooked on an open fire, so they are soft and sweet, similar to ripe jackfruit.

Plantains are a specialty of the Namanga region. It is grown primarily for its seed, which can be used to produce excellent malanga, which is then eaten as a delicacy throughout the nation. Namanga also has a reputation for being one of the best places in the world to photograph nature. On a two-week trek up the eastern side of the Namanga river, the young women and middle-aged men will encounter incredible mountain scenery, including majestic falls, waterfalls, lush vegetation, and indigenous animal life.