Trip to Sangre Grande, Trinidad & Tobago

If you are planning a trip to Trinidad and Tobago then there are a number of things you should be aware of. Trinidad and Tobago, are a Caribbean island nation bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Like many other Caribbean islands it is a popular tourist destination, but it does have a tropical wet and dry climate. You should take these conditions into consideration when travelling around the island.

Trip to Sangre Grande

When you arrive at the port-of-spain, or at any other port for that matter, make sure you have a passport and a photo I.D. card. You are going to need these in order to get to Trinidad and Tobago. Once you have your I.D. card and passport, you can now proceed to register at one of the various tourist offices.

Remember to check the forecast for Sangre Grande, before you set out – knowing exactly what to expect will ensure that you are wearing the correct clothes, carrying the right supplies and what not to bring and/or leave with you when you are on your trip. Your vehicle, too, will require to be prepared for the climate in Sangre Grande. Be sure to purchase a car cover, as this will protect your car from the passing dust and humidity. As for your luggage, you will need to ensure that you pack sufficient clothes and footwear, as the climate is humid and getting accustomed to it could take some time.

When you reach the town of Sangre Grande, which is situated on the north-western tip of the island of Trinidad and Tobago, you will be greeted warmly by a taxi driver called Babu. He will introduce you to his friend Naveen, who is your hotel receptionist. The taxi will take you to your resort. Babu will point you in the direction of the big blood hotel, which is also called the Tiger Woods. The resort is named after the world number three golfer, Tiger Woods, who is usually booked at this five star facility.

Once you reach the resort, you will be shown to a meeting room where your customs officer and a tour guide will assist you. This will be where you will sign your documents, pay for your accommodation and food, and sign a receipt for your meals and drinks. Then, you will be taken back to your vehicle where you will be driven to your room. If you would like to enjoy the tropical environment, you can stay at one of the resort’s four-star hotels, or if you prefer, you can stay at the big blood.

As you emerge from the cabins, you will notice that the landscape is beautiful with palms and other lush trees. When you arrive back at the airport, you will notice that the cabins have been relocated to a new location. In your hotel room, you will notice a large screen TV with surround sound music playing. You may want to entertain yourself with the game show Chinook Poker, which is on the TV screen. The next time you travel to Sangre Grande, make sure to spend time at the Big Blue River where you can sit and relax while enjoying the natural beauty that this beautiful area offers.