Travel to Havana, Cuba

Travel to Havana

Travel to Havana, Cuba

Travel to Havana, Cuba is one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet. The historic city of Havana is well known for its historic architecture, street life and delicious mojitos. Here are just some of the top things to do in Havana which you definitely need to experience first!

In recent times, Cuba has seen a number of major changes especially as the United States gradually loosened economic restrictions. As a result, Cuba is starting to become a more popular destination for international travelers. You can now easily book your flights to Cuba and plan your family holiday to visit the capital city, Havana, with ease. There are many hotels in Havana which offer discount holidays packages, so you can also save some money while you enjoy visiting the island.

When you are in Havana, you will not have to leave even for a minute to go to the beach because the beaches are fantastic. Do not forget to step onto the white sandy beaches of Havana, Cuba and enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset. Also, do not forget to experience the nightlife in Cuba. The capital city of Cuba boasts numerous clubs and bars. You can visit these places during your free time and enjoy all the entertainments that are available to you.

If you are looking for a cheap and comfortable taxi service, then you should get in touch with a reliable taxi service provider. There are many companies that run their own taxi fleet in the different neighborhoods of Havana. You can contact these companies and arrange for a ride to your hotel. Once you reach your hotel, hail a taxi from the taxi stand and enter the elevator, which will take you directly to your room. Some hotels offer a shuttle service to the airport as well, making it easier for you to reach the hotel from wherever you are now.

One of the most popular ways to travel to Havana Cuba is by using the Havana bus. While you travel around in the bus, you will encounter various sights of the city. You will pass by the University, the Revolutionary Guard, Miraflores Square, the Botanical Garden, and the Bahia de Cuba. The Havana bus station is one of the busiest bus stations in Cuba, and it also provides a convenient way for tourists to reach the capital. The Havana bus also has the privilege to drop off tourists at the airport, so you do not have to worry about reaching your hotel.

Hiring a taxi to travel to Havana and other popular cities in Cuba can be an inexpensive means of travel to the country. A tourist can arrive in the capital city in just 20 minutes. Once there, you can look into various options to sight see and explore the cultural aspects of Cuba. Some tourists like to stay at the Old Town, where there is the Cuban Museum, the Theater, the Cathedral, and the National Congress Building. All these factors make travelling to Cuba an unforgettable experience for all tourists to this part of the world.